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Week in Review 2/22/19

Interest rates decline on softening FED expectations. Global rates follow, but Chinese yields bounce back. Equity markets continue to trend higher. Volatility continues to drop to...


Week in Review 2/15/19

SP500 ends week on gains again. Dollar appreciates back to year end highs. Consumer credit levels drop. Bond premiums decrease.

Week in Review 2/8/2019

SP500 continues January recovery breaking 2700 this week. Dollar has been increasing again on this strength. Rates market is choppy as FED uncertainty looms. Volatility continues...


Week in Review 10/12/2018

Big news is the drop in global equity markets, perhaps as confluence of recent headlines being priced in. Dollar does not experience strengthening from a flight...


Themes in Global Economies 2017

I believe the following two themes will shape markets for 2017: The rise of a conservative populist nationalism as a reaction to a decade of liberal...

Social Media trends 0

Social Media

With Twitter bears straying into civilization as the company hit all-time lows this month, I think that it’s a good time to talk about the social...

Luxury market trends 0

New Luxury

Headlines on retailers are worrying but I think that there is a wider issue related to manufacturing. The premium you used to be able to charge...